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In the Central Volcanic Mountain Range of Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano is one of the country’s most famous volcanoes. Arenal is considered to be the youngest volcano in Costa Rica; its age is estimated to be less than 7,500 years.

For centuries, the Arenal Volcano was a nearly perfect cone-shaped, rainforest blanketed volcanic mountain considered by many to be extinct. However, at roughly 7:30 a.m. on Monday, July 29, 1968, the dormant Arenal Volcano suddenly and violently erupted with a tremendous explosion. Extreme eruptions continued unabated for several days, burying over 15 square kilometers with rocks, lava and ash. When it was finally over, the eruptions had killed 87 people and destroyed three small villages  Tabacón, Pueblo Nuevo and San Luís  affecting more than 232 square kilometers of land. It was a difficult time for the people of Arenal. Crops, property and forest were damaged, and livestock died.

The Arenal Volcano tour Start at 6:30am, to complement this trip it is necessary to stop at Llanos del Cortes waterfall to get incredible pictures or swim. Costa Rica is located 10 degrees north from the Ecuador , Arenal area is located in the Caribbean side of the country , so on the way we can stop by the continental divide and see the difference between Caribbean and pacific, drive around the Lake Arenal and stop many time you want for pictures or see wildlife on the way .

Walk in Danaus private reserve where you can appreciate rain forest wildlife like sloths, red ayes three frog , blue jeans dart frogs , lizards, caimans , birds , iguanas and more.

After seeing a lot of wildlife the hot springs are waiting for you, we offer four different options to visit:


Arenal volcano one day tour VISITING ECOTHERMALES FORTUNA
Arenal volcano one day tour VISITING THE SPRINGS RESORT
Arenal volcano one day tour VISITING TABACON RESORT
Arenal Volcano tour with SKY TREK SKY TRAM