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⌉If you are looking for a good adventure  this is the most popular tbv.our we have, on this tour we ride horses for 45 minutes by a nice beautiful property to enjoy the scenary and get amazing pictures of the lowlands of the pacific side of Costa Rica , this trip by horse also is to get  to the first plattform of the longest and highest zip lines in Guanacaste (12 cables) if you want to avoid the horses don’t worry is possible, Borinquen zip lines is for everyones (no ages or weight limited) the guides are very professionals and you can play with them doing some of the cables outside down or doing super man style ,this activity is very very safe, after zip lines enjoy the amazing lunch we have for you.

Borinquen has a natural volcanic sauna built above one of the fumaroles of the Volcano so the steam is coming out through the deck , mud bath, sucundary volcanic activity obsevation , and hot springs of course are included in the tour.

  • Borinquen has facilities ( bathrooms, lockers, changing room , etc…)
  • Duration of this tour 9 hours prox (is up to you how long to be in the hot springs).
    •  Traveling time to get there from most of the hotels in the area :1hour 30 minutes aprox.


What to bring: Bathing suit, sunglasses sunscreen, insect repellent, camera,tennis shoes,comfortable clothing,extra clothes, hat, and extra money for souvenirs.